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ViP-NExT, The next generation of Visibility, Policy engagement, NETwork Strengthening in Vocational Education and Training, is a transformative project that fosters collaboration among stakeholders in the VET sector. Its core mission is to empower them to exchange knowledge and practices, nurturing a stronger European economy driven by human capital.

With ViP-NExT, EVTA intends to give continuity to the its strategic approach and to the actions undertaken in 2022 under the previous ViP-NET initiative.


  • To make EVTA well-known and increase its reputation and added value.
  • To contribute and influence the policy dialogue on VET through a proactive engagement and constant relations with EU policy-makers and different stakeholders in the field of VET.
  • To strengthen EVTA’s role as a catalyst and disseminator of information, knowledge and best practices on key issues in the VET sector.
  • To enlarge EVTA’s expertise and competencies on technical aspects supporting the implementation of activities for members (such as project design, management and capitalisation).


ViP-NExT for EVTA Members

  • To boost EVTA members’ image at the European level.
  • To enhance opportunities for EVTA members to contribute to the policy dialogue.
  • To facilitate the exchange of good practices and mutual learning between members.
  • To support members in developing skills, expertise and opportunities.



Visibility is related to external representation, promotional, external and internal networking activities aiming at making EVTA and its members well-known and increasing its reputation and diffusion of best practices at the European, national, regional and local levels.

Activities under the visibility pillar will boost stakeholder and civil society involvement in the dissemination of policy and Programme actions and results, and of good practice among their members and beyond, raising the interest of the target groups (potential members, other stakeholders).

Visibility Objectives

  • Boosting EVTA members’ and VET providers’ representativeness and networking opportunities at the international level.
  • Giving visibility to the VET sector and to stakeholders in education and training by promoting their local, regional, and national initiatives and good practices in the international environment.
  • Fostering the development of a sense of ownership to EU initiatives for education and training.
  • Encouraging stakeholders to become active dissemination agents for policy and Programme actions and results, and of good practice in their local, regional, and national contexts.
  • Raising awareness on the 4 priorities of the von der Leyen Commission, by facilitating the exchange of information between the VET sector, the policymakers at different levels and representatives of different sectors.
  • Promoting European good practices in education and training in the global dimension by reaching out to stakeholders outside the EU and showcasing good practices.

Visibility Activities


Foreseeing a more active and structured involvement of EVTA in the policy dialogue on VET, acting as an intermediary body between the EU institutions and policymakers, and the vocational training players at the national, regional and local levels to raise awareness of European policy agendas on Education and Training (top-down approach) and represent needs and expectations of professionals and students in the field (bottom-up approach). The goal here is increasing stakeholder commitment and cooperation with public authorities for the implementation of policies and reforms in the field of VET.

Policy Engagement Objectives

  • Fostering and increasing the active role and participation in the policy dialogue of VET professionals and practitioners from the EVTA network and outside.
  • Increasing commitment and cooperation with public authorities with the aim of promoting the conception and implementation of a forward-looking and innovative agenda.
  • Creating a dynamic of discussion around topics of interest for VET providers (always linked to the 4 EC’s priorities).
  • Developing specific recommendations to support the European Commission in the definition of the European Semester package, with a special focus on the Recovery Plan.
  • Creating a system to monitor the achievements and the stakeholders’ satisfaction on policies and initiatives at the EU and also national levels with reference to internationalisation and social utility of VET.

Policy Engagement Activities


Referring to capacity-building activities aimed at increasing VET providers competences and opportunities for cooperation. Capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of EVTA, and it is also about boosting stakeholder participation by leveraging relationships with organizations and individuals to access resources, exchange ideas, address shared issues, and collectively problem-solve in an effort to build capacity, both for EVTA and for its members.

Network Strengthening Objectives

  • Developing and providing tailor-made activities, training opportunities and services based on VET providers’ needs and expectations to secure expertise and support in activity / project design and participation to funding opportunities.
  • Organising capacity building and peer-to-peer activities as an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of EVTA and its members, with a focus on ensuring continuous professional development for VET professionals.
  • Boosting stakeholders’ participation in a transnational perspective, by leveraging relationships with organizations and individuals to access resources, exchange ideas, address shared issues, and collectively problem-solve in an effort to build capacity, both for EVTA and for its members.
  • Capitalising on the network’s “intellectual property”, namely on concrete results, tools, methodologies developed in collaborative contexts (EU funded projects), by promoting their use on a wider scale.
  • Mapping excellence to put in place a concrete offer of services, trainings, experiences for VET providers to support knowledge acquisition and qualitative improvement of their training offer.

Network Strengthening Activities