Joana Xhemali

EU Project Manager and Designer

About me

I joined EVTA in September 2022 as Project Manager and Designer, being responsible for the  management of EU- funded grants. Before joining EVTA, I have been working for many different non-profit organizations and public institutions and have grown an interest in the field of gender equality and inclusive education. Throughout my work experience, I have gained a deep understanding of EU policy and decision-making processes.

My academic journey includes different but yet interconnected fields of studies, such as Bachelor of Laws,  a master’s degree in International Relations and an Erasmus Mundus Joint master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. Having studied and worked in several EU countries, has strengthened my cross-cultural sensitivity and the ability to connect with people over the things that makes us human and vulnerable.

I am an intersectional feminist activist who loves being part of social justice movements. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering, reading (post)modern literary works and jogging in the Ardennes.