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The European Vocational Training Association – EVTA, is one of the most well-known European networks in the field of Vocational Education and Training, representing VET providers across Europe. It works to facilitate the relationship between stakeholders in the field of VET, in order to enable them to share knowledge and practices on how to shape the training for the future.

EVTA focuses on the development of VET within the framework outlined by Europe 2020, through:

➥ Enhancing the quality of VET. 
➥ Promoting the cooperation of VET providers/businesses.
➥ Providing specific expertise.
➥ Disseminating the work based VET approach.
➥ Cooperating in the European dialogue involving institutions, stakeholders, social partners and training providers.

By joining EVTA, you will have access to the following benefits:  

Belong to a forward-looking network of professionals and experts.
Be connected with other EU associations and networks.
Stay updated on the latest news and information.
Boost your organization’s visibility.
Participate in WGs, task forces and CoPs.

Be provided with screening on funding opportunities and support for the creation of partnerships.
Have an ad hoc connection with EU institutions and stakeholders.
Support the organisation of mobility/study visits in Brussels.

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