Alphabet Formation – ABF

Alphabet Formation is a non-profit organisation, based in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2016, they are engaged in the field of learning development by providing non-formal and informal learning experiences at international level and training mobility opportunities for young people, adults and teachers.

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Odisee Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship – CenSE

The Odisee Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship is an independent scientific research center at the Odisee University College. They investigate sustainable entrepreneurship within family businesses and SMEs and detect new trends and challenges in the economy or society. Odisee is an institute for higher education in Flanders and it offers several higher VET programs.

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Vlaamse Dienst Voor Arbeidsbemiddeling En Beroepsopleiding – VDAB

VDAB is a Flemish government service that brings together supply and demand on the labor market and is primally tasked with mediating and guiding jobseekers to work. If necessary, the skills of jobseekers are increased in vocational training in the competence centers of the VDAB and partner organisations.

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Technobel is an IT oriented skills training center. Created in 2001 on the initiative of a public-private partnership between Le Forem and Proximus, whom were since joined by the University of Namur. Technobel is a major player in vocational training in Belgium. In 2003, Technobel even received an official recognition label from the Walloon authorities called ‘’Centre de Competence’’, placing its training activities at a high level of expertise. As of today, the Technobel team counts 17 people including 8 expert trainers. Technobel also uses many external service providers for its training.

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Agence pour la formation professionnelle des adultes – Afpa

For more than 65 years, Afpa has been the leading provider of vocational training leading to qualifications. Its primary mission has not changed: to train towards employment. Created in 1949 to meet the needs of France in the midst of reconstruction, the National Association for Adult Vocational Training became the National Agency for Adult Vocational Training since 1 January 2017.

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Established in 2011, MIMBUS revolutionises training for manual trades by providing trainers with innovative tools that enable them to instruct their students more quickly, safely, and at lower costs.

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The local public company AFPAR (Assistance à la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes à la Réunion) has been contributing to the development of continuous professional training for over 50 years in the territory of Réunion.

Its primary role is to provide individuals with a trade, support professional retraining, and enhance the employability of jobseekers. The training programme is updated annually to closely meet the needs of economic sectors. AFPAR places the development of individual and collective skills at the heart of its mission.

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Vocational Training Centre of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants – KEK GSEVEE

KEK GSEVEE was founded in 1995 on the initiative of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants, as an educational company of non-profit nature. It is an educational center, nationwide and has been granted a license for Level 2 Lifelong Learning Center.

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PYTHeIA Competence Center

PYTHeIA Competence Center revolutionises the sector through digital technology. As a PPP, it enhances transformation with innovative services, products, and tech transfer.

PYTHeIA’s holistic approach upgrades the value chain, offering AR courses for upskilling caregivers, physicians, and professionals. Digital biomarkers provide unprecedented patient care insight. Collaborating with pharmaceutical companies, PYTHeIA supports R&D and scale-up success.

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Eurokt-Acedemia is an institution located in the picturesque surroundings of the Kis-Duna, which offers high-quality trainings, a value-oriented approach and well-trained teachers. Its main belief is that education, which is one of the cornerstones of human existence, is indispensable in today’s world.

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ENAIP NET is an Italian consortium that offers vocational training and job placement services. Its objectives are to: (i) build a strong network of regional Enaip bodies that can act as a single subject, (ii) create instruments, as well as quick and effective operational modalities, for the participation to European and international projects and (iii) offer a unique catalogue of training paths for the development of a wider commercial capacity.

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Founded in Venice in 1997, Umana has been accompanying the development of Italian and multinational business reality ever since. A long journey alongside companies, sharing their values, responding to their needs, identifying, and possibly anticipating, their needs. For more than twenty-three years, we have been nurturing every day the trust that companies place in us, accompanying them in their development and supporting their choices.

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ERIFO – Center For Research And Lifelong Learning

ERIFO is a non-profit organisation that brings more than 15 years of experience in the lifelong learning sector in ltaly and Europe. It has an extensive portfolio of project work in relation to research, employment services, support to entrepreneurship, quality assurance, evaluation and EU transnational projects’ management. Since 2001, ERIFO has realised over 40 European Projects and nearly 500 mobilities all over Europe.

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UNIS&F is the Confindustria System’s service and training company that operates in the provinces of Treviso and Pordenone and aims to:

  • Support business with highly specialized support services.
  • Offer human resources training activities in all topics of business interest.
  • Assist businesses in recovering financing to implement training plans and consulting services.

UNIS&F continues and develops the experience gained in the 20-year journey of Formazione Unindustria Treviso, gathering and integrating it with the skills perfected by Iniziative Unindustria during its consulting activity. Since July 2012, companies find in UNIS&F a single interlocutor that guarantees increasingly timely, competent and effective answers to business needs.

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Enaip Don Agostini Foundation

Enaip Don Agostini Foundation carries forward the conviction and commitment in seeking answers to the growing needs of integration, acceptance, confrontation with differences, management of change, prevention of full-blown and hidden hardship of minors and families, implementation of social inclusion methods and individualised accompaniment at work.

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Associazione Nazionale Orientatori (ASNOR)

Associazione Nazionale Orientatori (ASNOR) is the Italian National Association for career guidance with over 1,500 associates. ASNOR promotes a new culture of career guidance, striving to ensure the professional role of the career guide is recognised.

It is the only body dealing with career guidance accredited for the training of school personnel. Working at a nationwide level, it ensures the dissemination, recognition, and validation of competencies and skills.

ASNOR is a recognised and accredited organisation for school staff training by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). Moreover, it is listed among the organisations registered by the Ministry of Economic Development of Professional Associations. ASNOR is also registered in the Research Registry held by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Additionally, ASNOR is a member of Euroguidance: The European network of national resource and information.

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Studio Saperessere SRL

Studio Saperessere SRL is a limited liability company made up of 7 employees. These are supported by a network of over 100 professionals operating in training planning, organisational innovation, development of multimedia solutions for learning and personnel assessment.

Studio Saperessere is specialised in the design, planning, processing, and development of services related to business processes and training planning. It also deals with creating content and creating training courses also in e-learning mode.

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Endurance – The Training Company

Endurance works for and with the largest organisations in the sectors of leisure, hotel- and restaurant business. Their core business is to help and advice employees to develop themselves and their organisation. Endurance reaches its goals with activities, such  as advising, training, education and coaching. In European projects they are mostly involved in projects where VET-related activities are part of the program.

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Trexima Bratislava

Trexima is a research-statistical and advisory-consulting company that has been developing and applying new, effective methods in the field of modern and successful statistical surveys of wages, employment, human resources management and complex productivity in the Slovak Republic as well as in its individual regions since 1992.

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INOVINTER is a VET provider created in 1998 between the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP, I.P.) and the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers – National Trades Union (CGTP-IN). Our main mission is to promote and carry out qualified, innovative and sustainable vocational training and social intervention projects that contribute to economic and social development, valuing human resources from a transversal perspective to all sectors of activity.

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VCC Foundation

The main objective of VCC Foundation is to validate and certify competences acquired in non-formal ways (outside formal system of education), also observing and analysing trends and changes occurring on the labour market, as well as examining demand for specific professions and competences.

VCC Foundation is a promoter of lifelong learning, continuing education and occupational mobility of employees. By organising consultations, conferences or social debates, VCC Foundation directly develop, promote and popularise them. It is a major institution for validating and certifying qualifications entered into the Integrated Qualifications Register (IQR) in Poland.

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Centro Navarro de Aprendizaje Integral (CNAI)

CNAI is a public enterprise of the Government of Navarra created in 2001 to respond to the linguistic training needs of the Navarrese and in order to facilitate and promote language learning.

Since its inception, CNAI has acquired new skills in the field of training, expanding its offer of services to make available to public and private agents of Navarre a wide range of services focused on the implementation of learning models.

As a state-owned entity of the Government of Navarra attached to the Department of Education, CNAI channels and promotes innovation and educational development projects. CNAI advocates for an inclusive, quality, innovative and research-led education that takes into account all Navarrese people.

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College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy

The Aviation Academy has a century-long tradition of pilots and aviation personnel training. It comprises a VET secondary school, serving as the national training center of excellence, and College of Applied Studies recently established by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Higher education for pilots, air traffic controllers, and aircraft maintenance engineers is a priority for modern countries. The College of Applied Studies Aviation Academy strives to meet European educational standards through work-based learning, a dual system of education, and continuous improvement in the quality of cooperation with different stakeholders.

They foster a culture of broad social integration and collaboration within the academic sector, as well as with economic, scientific, and vocational institutions in Serbia, the region, and worldwide. They have decided to implement and develop the study process based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration, fostering cooperation and mobility in the European educational area.

Their diplomas, aligned with EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) standards, are verifiers of acquired competencies that will be valued and sought after in the wider academic landscape of Europe and beyond.

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Generation is a global nonprofit organisation that supports adults to achieve economic mobility through employment. Generation trains and places adult learners of all ages into careers that are otherwise inaccessible, working in partnership with governments, employers, and other system actors.

Launched in 2015 in the United States, Generation now comprises a global hub (Generation You Employed, or GYU) and a network of in-country affiliates. As the largest nonprofit ‘train and place’ organisation globally by annual graduate volume, Generation consistently delivers sector-leading employment and income results across 47+ professions and 18 countries, at no cost to participants. Over 54% of Generation graduates are female, 40% have dependents, and the majority identify with underrepresented communities in their country.

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