Vip-Net objectives

Actors involved in VET at all levels are more and more committed to participating in the EU VET framework and cooperating with policymakers, stakeholders, and peers. Sometimes they miss information, knowledge, opportunities, and technical competencies to be actively involved which results in less effective actions and poor results.

With ViP-NET, EVTA aims to support its members, partners, and stakeholders to be more committed, aware and have better knowledge and skills to master effectively information, tools, and funding opportunities available at the EU level.

Three Pillars of Action


The ViP-NET addresses INTERNATIONALISATION of VET by carrying out activities to generate high impact benefits during their execution and beyond the conclusion of ViP-Net. The three pillars of activities that EVTA addresses to raise awareness and engagement are:


Activities aiming at making EVTA and its members well-known and increasing its reputation and diffusion of best practices at the European, national, regional, and local levels. Activities under the visibility pillar boost stakeholders and civil society involvement in the dissemination of policy and Programme actions and results, and of good practice among their members and beyond, raising the interest of the target groups.

  • Coffee Breaks

  • Afterworks

  • High Level Event

Pillar 2. Policy Engagemnet

A more active and structured involvement of EVTA in the policy dialogue on VET, acting as an intermediary body between the EU institutions and policymakers, and the vocational training players at the national, regional and local levels to raise awareness of European policy agendas on Education and Training (top-down approach) and represent needs and expectations of professionals and students in the field (bottom-up approach).

  • Task Forces

  • Round Table

  • Policy Forum

Pillar 3. Network Strengthening

Capacity-building activities aimed at increasing VET providers competences and opportunities for cooperation. Capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of EVTA, and it is also about boosting stakeholder participation by leveraging relationships with organizations and individuals to access resources, exchange ideas, address

  • Training/Webinars on Funding Opportunities

  • Hackaton Event

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