EVTA Quality Label

VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence

In 2015, EVTA launched an initiative to promote VET through improving the training delivery, and thus to boost employability of people. In this framework, quality and innovation are assumed as keys for VET systems ameliorations. The concept of “quality” is not static, is not absolute, but evolves along adapting to changing market and customer needs and is relative to marketing aims. There is plenty of literature…

The EVTA initiative on VET Quality Label offers the possibility to training centers to access a catalogue of VET Centres of Excellence and a list of courses and seminars combined with study visits in the EVTA and EVBB centers of excellence.

Projects lead by EVTA

ETTE – European Trainers’ Training For Excellence

ETTE (European Trainers’ Training for Excellence) is an Erasmus+ project aimed at enhancing structural synergies and cooperation among VET centres of excellence with a view to fostering the local dimension of quality along with the continuous professional development of teachers and trainers. ETTE project pursues…

VENHANS - VET European networking Enhancement

VENHANS is a project aimed to help EVTA and the other main VET providers’ networks to: (i) Increase their representativeness at national/regional level, expanding memberships and stimulating VET networking, particularly between VET providers and…