Training programme – Introduction


CEFOCHIM’s mission is to train production, maintenance and quality control on scale equipment in a real-life working environment designed for didactical purposes. This training programme proposes a full guided tour of the CEFOCHIM training centre and a visit of two biopharmaceuticals enterprises (Cell Therapy SMEs and CRO (Contract Research Organization /CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization)) allowing visitors and trainers to:

  • to see our 2.100 m² of factory equipment dedicated to the apprenticeship with 600 m²dedicated to bio pharmaceutics with clean rooms,
  • to learn about training spaces containing specific pilot equipment for the biopharmaceutical industry and clean room classifications, and equipment for chemical production processes, maintenance and quality control analytical techniques.
  • to meet some of our 30 internal and external trainers from the industrial world (more than 140.000 hours training per year).

CEFOCHIM proposes the organization of tailored workshops, by choosing one among more than 120 short trainings in the following domains:

  • Pharmacy and biotechnology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Maintenance
  • Measures and regulation
  • Quality – Safety
  • Electricity
  • Environment
  • Clinical Studies
  • Entrepreneurship and transversal skills

The trainings are provided by trainers from the industrial sector, thus familiar with the real-life working context.

  • days organized like:
  • 2 days of travel and 2 days of guided tour (circuit):
    • 1/2 day for the centre visit
    • 1/2 day for a training in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices or other subject)

1 day for cell therapy or/and CRO/CMO enterprises visits)

Arrival by plane in Brussels (BRU) and/or Charleroi (CRL) airport or train from France (Paris)-Thalys, Germany (Frankfurt/Cologne)-ICE, The Netherlands-Thalys.

  • First day in Hainaut area (Hotel Charleroi Airport – Van Der Valk)
  • Second day in Liège area (Hotel RAMADA PLAZA)

Transport inside Belgium organized.