[IT] Training through the excellence of territory: food, culture, wine – ENAIP Conegliano

Training through the excellence of territory: food, culture, wine.

Training programme – Introduction


Sharing the best training practices.
Attending laboratories’ lessons.
Experiencing how co-operation with companies starts and grows through visits, internships, orders.
Testing the excellence production (and products) of the territory.

4 days
Best period: April-May

Viale Venezia 12, Conegliano (Treviso)

Accommodation: the participants could choose between a guest house (Oasi Santa Chiara) and a hotel (Hotel Cristallo) Conegliano. The guest house offers simply and comfortable accommodation with bed and breakfast service, with single or double rooms. It is located on the hills of Conegliano. The hotel, situated in the city centre, offers a smart accommodation, with breakfast service and a restaurant. Half room and board available.

Transfer public transport from Venice (or Treviso) airport to Conegliano
Transports in Conegliano: all the premises will be walking distance

Type of users
VET Staff, (Students, unemployed people, entrepreneurs)

13.00 – Welcoming of visitors: walking lunch at ENAIP Conegliano VET Centre.

14.30 – Greetings and focus on the 4 day-agenda. Speakers: Monica Verzola, Chief International Business Development Office at Enaip Veneto I.S., and Giorgio Sbrissa, Enaip Veneto I.S.. CEO.

14.30-15.00 Visit of ENAIP Conegliano VET Centre’s premises. The leading trainers show all the classes and laboratories.

15.00-17.00 – Seminar: the training Centre’s didactics. Speakers: leading teachers (Emiliano Zuccolotto, food service senior teacher; Carla Martin, tourism senior teacher).

19.00 – Dinner/seminar: a partner restaurant’s chef welcomes the participants and illustrates the co-operation with the school.

Partner restaurant in the surroundings: San Martino Bistro&BarIn the historic centre of Pieve di Soligo, in the province of Treviso, within a courtyard of a historic building.

You will find first courses, freshly prepared main courses and side dishes, usually 5-6 choices at a time also based on seasonal vegetables and meat. The presentation of the dishes is very accurate. Excellent cakes, simple and genuine. The chef has been cooperating for years in hosting internships and sharing his knowledge and long experience with trainers and students.

Languages provided: Italian/English

09.00-11.00 Technical visit of a coffee roasting plant in Conegliano: Dersut.

Dersut Caffè of Conegliano, Treviso, a small coffee roasting business founded in 1947, and bought by Caballini family two years later, whose product quality-focussed entrepreneurial spirit drove company growth year after year. The last two decades have been all about innovation. The first Bottega del Caffè Dersut coffee shop opened in 2002. From that, the next few years saw the launch of other single-brand coffee shops: Italiana Caffè and Giornale&Caffè.
Caffè Light, the easily-digested dewaxed coffee which became the company’s star product, was launched in 2012.

The visit will include both the production areas and the Coffee Museum.

11.30-13.00 Guided tour of the historic centre of Conegliano: the participants will experience a tour organized by Tourism course’s students

13.30-14.30 Walking lunch at ENAIP Conegliano VET Centre

14.30-17.00 Seminar: cafeteria service. A comparison between tradition and new customers’ requests.

Speaker: ENAIP Conegliano VET Centre’s referent maitre

Languages provided: Italian/English

09.00 Meeting at ENAIP Conegliano VET Centre. Daily briefing

10.00-12.00 Technical visit to a meat processing company: selection of meat and food traceability.

Salumi De Stefani

The renowned dressed pork factory started out as a butcher’s established by Giuseppe De Stefani in 1958 in Guia di Valdobbiadene, which lies in the heart of the gently rolling Treviso hills. Today’s technologically advanced company, managed by his sons Cesare and Giacomo, continues the tradition of wholesomeness. Thanks to the secrets learned from master pork butchers, refined by experience and by a great passion, the typical De Stefani products have the quality, aroma and flavour of bygone days that rural civilization has handed down

The visit will include a tasting of the products.

12.30-14.00 Lunch at a rural inn

14.30-16.30 Technical visit to an excellence winery: expressing a territory through the wine.

Col Vetoraz is located on the very top of the homonymous hill next to the “Mont” of Cartizze in S. Stefano di Valdobbiadene. We are on one of the highest point in Cartizze, 400 metres above sea level, from where the view swips over the entire area, the hamlet “Fol” on the east side and the hamlet “Sacol” on the west side.

Miotto Family settled down in Col Vetoraz in 1838 and started growing vines (Prosecco Superiore and Cartizze Superiore). In 1993 Francesco, a direct descendant of Miotto family, together with Paolo De Bortoli, agronomist and myself established the current Col Vetoraz, creating an heterogeneous and challenging team-work. In these last years the growth in experience of Col Vetoraz has been renowned and we think we have reached a good starting point in order to contribute to the identification and qualification of our wonderful land.

The visit will include a guided tour of the plant by an enologist, and a tasting of the products.

19.00 Dinner at school with products from the visited companies; cooking and serving by the students of ENAIP Conegliano VET Centre

Languages provided: Italian/English

9.00-10.30 Visit to the City market and a market of excellence products: Eats

10.30-11.30 De-briefing: collection of the immediate feedback

11.30-12.30 Goodbye buffet aperitif

Languages provided: Italian/English