[IT] Didactict restaurant and cooking workshop – ENAIP Acqui Terme

Workshop about the typical Piemontese cuisine.

Training programme – Introduction

The aim of our vocational training centre is to recognize “quality” as the value, that takes the vocational training centre towards an improvement and to the realization of activities in order to promote innovation and excellence .


  • The participants can act as customers and guests of the restaurant
  • They can have the possibility to know and to share with other participants the activities of the restaurant service
  • They can learn more about the typical Piedmontese cuisine and international one. So they can introduce some recipes in their activity, if they are in catering business.

The main subjects taught in our Centre are all the subjects linked with cooking activities and restaurant service.
The aim of CFP Alberghiero is to offer a wide range of services in order to increase interest in Vocational Training and therefore to form young people for a future occupation.

At least 3 days.
The best period for our region (Piemonte) is autumn, because of the typical food products (mushrooms, truffles and so on).

The Vocational Centre is not far from the city centre, in the suburbs of the city, at the foot of the hills surrounding our city. Acqui Terme is an ancient little Roman city with about 22.000 inhabitants. It is especially visited by foreign tourists (German, Austrian, American and French and Dutch), that are interested in its Spas, because of the healthy thermal treatments.
The participants can stay in a hotel in the centre and can be taken to the Vocational Centre by bus, or, if the weather is fine, they can walk and give a first look to the town of Acqui Terme.

The participants can stay in a hotel in the centre of the city.

The participants can have at disposal a bus to move to other places.

Teachers and operators from other Vocational Training Centres

Welcome in the destination place with private bus for transport to the destination place

  • Arrive in Acqui Terme and arrangement in four star hotel in the city centre
  • Visit of the town (Wine shop, Spas, Museum)
  • Dinner in a farmhouse with products of the territory

Welcome of the Director in the Vocational Training Centre and visit of the premises of Centre.
It is always foreseen an interpreter in English or German language.

  • Beginning of the workshop
  • Passive participation to the work of pupils of cooking and restaurant service for the didactic restaurant, dividing the participants into two groups: Restaurant service and Kitchen
  • Guests’ role with the task to value and detect critical issues in the performing of the didactic restaurant
  • Rest of the afternoon free to visit the city

Short greetings of the participants in the Centre and then Departure and Coming back to their country