[BE] Network of Competence Centers – LE FOREM

When services support the developpement of new industry: the case of logistic in Wallonia.

Training programme – Introduction

Understand the process to move from a traditional iron and steel industry to a fast growing logistical hub at the center of Europe’s busiest consumer  destination.
In the past products were produced mostly closed to their consumers and mostly raw materials were driven to industry where finished products were made to satisfy consumers.
It is the reason why Wallonia had develop lots of infrastructure to create canals and adapt river for transportation from and to seaport.

The program will start in the Hainaut province where will be explained the industrial power of Wallonia at the end of XIX and during the XXth century thanks to local engineering that give way to build the now listed UNESCO canal lifts for river boat as well as the giant lift that started operations 25 years ago.
This region is also the place of high-tech technology with SONACA participating to AIRBUS program and now active world-wide for specific parts of airplanes.
At the opposite side of Wallonian territory is located the airport of Liège which is one the 10th most important airfreight hub in Europe with 660.000 tons handled in 2016.

Twenty years ago, it was a military airport.
Nowadays, TNT-FEDEX as well as major world airlines have chosen Liège for its location as well as its 24/7 operations and efficiency.
Liège area is also connected to Antwerp and Rotterdam world major ports through respectively Albert canals and Lanaye sluices at the border with the Netherlands that enable to drive outside busiest seaport large numbers of containers inside their hinterland without road congestion and more environmentally friendly method.

At the end of these two days tour, participants will understand how a historical heavy industry of European Union has turn into one of the more fastest growing logistic hub in Europe.

2 Days of seminars and visits during spring period
(longer days to enabling the differents site visits)

Arrival by plane in Brussels (BRU) and/or Charleroi (CRL) airport or train from France (Paris)-Thalys, Germany (Frankfurt/Cologne)-ICE, The Netherlands-Thalys.

  • First day in Hainaut area (Hotel Charleroi Airport – Van Der Valk)
  • Second day in Liège area (Hotel RAMADA PLAZA)

Transport inside Belgium organized.

Seminar : Wallonia – Logistic Hub
Movement by bus (30 minutes)
Company Visit : SONACA (Charleroi)
Movement by bus (30 minutes)
Cultural activities : visit of the historical canal lift and modern one adapted according todays needs of transportation.
Evening dinner in Binche – Place of the typical Carneval
Movement by bus to Hotel 45 min

Movement by bus 1h15min

Welcome at Liège Airport
Seminar (FOREM LOGISTIC Liège)
What logistic  generates in terms of employment as well as business activities?
How do University, High School, Vocational education respond to the need of trained people to meet logistic economy requirements.
Movement by bus to Visé area (30 minutes)

Visit 1: River ports and sluices allowing seaport connections
Movement by bus to Liège (15 minutes)
Lunch in and visit of Liège City
Movement by bus to Liège (15 minutes)

Wellcome by Chairman of LOGISTIC IN WALLONIA
Visit of the airport.
Visit of facilities of TNT-FEDEX (world class express courrier and parcel delivery).