EnAIP Friuli Venezia Giulia

VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence

Description of the training centre

Established in 1979, ENAIP Friuli Venezia Giulia is a private non-profit organization, part of the National ENAIP federation founded by ACLI in 1951.

ENAIP FVG relies on the competence of more than 130 employees, including training designers and project managers, counsellors and tutors, coordinators and trainers, technical and administrative staff and collaborates with more than 2.000 external consultants, such as trainers, designers, consultants and researchers.

Enaip Friuli Venezia Giulia has it’s headquarter in Pasian di Prato, closed to Udine and four main training centres in Pasian di Prato, Trieste, Cordenons (Pordenone) and Gorizia, plus two operative centres in Tolmezzo and Cervignano.

ENAIP FVG main aim is the is professional and civil growth of people and, through people, of businesses and regional territory.

Enaip FVG wants to contribute to the growth of Friuli Venezia Giulia on a European and international basis through training, guidance, job placement support, enterprise creation and development of human resources. Enaip FVG covers all main fields of vocational training and ages of trainees, even if each training center has a specific focus. The center of Pasian di Prato is mainly focused on Industry 4.0 issues such as Mechanical and Meccatronic, Robotics and Domotics, Design 2D and 3D. The center of Trieste is focused on Social Health Services; Shipbuilding and Refitting; Logistics. The center of Pordenone is focused on Business and Managerial Training and the centers of Gorizia, Cervignano and Tolmezzo mainly on Social Health Services.

Enaip FVG dedicates an important part of its activities in relevant international programs concerning mainly with innovation in didactics and training, collaborating with local and european institutions, schools and universities.

Address, country

Via Leonardo da Vinci 27, 33037 Pasian di Prato (UD – Italy)


0039 0432 693611


Paola Stuparich

Catalogue manager

Giovanni Manisi
Communication Manager Enaip FVG

Main trainings provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Automotive, Graphic Design and CAD, Logistics.

Sector of excellence


Excellence is…

Excellence is about making connections between innovativation and our students. We make this connections by making a commitment to continually grow and develop as trainers and educators. We work side by side with the best companies in the industry. And we grow together with our student. We organize workshops, seminars, courses to be always informed and skilled about all newest technologies, methods and instruments in nowadays industry.