ENAIP Conegliano

VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence

Description of the training centre

ENAIP VENETO VET Centre of Conegliano was born in 2005 and in the beginning it operated in wellness sector (training for hairdressers and estheticians). In 2007 the tourism course was launched in order to train students in hospitality, languages, tour operator and travel agency management. It was in 2009 that ENAIP decided to invest in food service sector, which became its main training activity.

Conegliano training centre works both with young and adult students, but the first ones represent the main subjects. It now hosts 14 classes, 350 students, 27 teachers (15 permanent employees, 12 temporary employees). It boasts 4 laboratories (cooking, catering, tourism, hairdressing) and 10 classrooms.

Since 2012, Conegliano VET centre has been developing an increasing cooperation with local institutions, schools, public and private association in managing events. The aim is creating a permanent contact with productive word around and allow student to experience their knowledge in a working environment.

Address, country

Viale Venezia 12/d
31015 Conegliano (TV)




Matteo Tarraran

Catalogue manager

Chiara Liessi

Main trainings provided

Food service (cooking and banqueting), Wellness, Tourism

Sector of execellence

Food service

Excellence is…

Innovative practices that differentiate a centre within its field of reference; connections and relations with the local reality and its relevant stakeholders; anticipating change in relation to the labour market’s challenges