Hazebrouck, National and Strategic Centre in Circular Economy

VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence

Description of the training centre

The CEFOCHIM, a training center for companies.

More than 140.000 hours training per year. 30 internal and external trainers from the industrial world.
2.100 m² of factory equipment dedicated to the apprenticeship with 600 m² dedicated to bio pharmaceutics with clean rooms.

Here are some elements of the winning formula of the CEFOCHIM.
Since 2003, the CEFOCHIM, a training center for Chemical Industry and Pharmaceutical production jobs, helps companies by providing operational people, in order to participate in the growth of strong sectors.
Companies are at the heart of the mission of the CEFOCHIM: via the in-service training of your workers, qualification of job-seekers or sensitization of school pupils and higher education students.

Address, country

225, Street of Vieux Berquin | Hazebrouck | FRANCE




DEBERT Jean-Charles

Catalogue manager

Jean-Charles BEBERT

Main trainings provided

Technical Agent of waste collection, Agent of Soil Decontamination (soil depollution)

Sector of execellence

Adult vocational Training, Environment (soil remediation, waste collection,…).

Excellence is…

New environmental trainings in our centre.