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VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence

Description of the training centre


VDAB organizes training for three target groups: job seekers, employees and companies.

The training courses of VDAB are flexible. To be as close as possible to the professional reality, the courses run in close cooperation with the business world. This allows them to adopt different forms of learning. If there are group learning, blended learning, open learning, distance learning and online. Investments are made in simulation learning environment.

T2 campus becomes the largest training center of VDAB in Flanders; the building has a training surface of 24,000 m². It is located at the Thor Science Park, next to the 2 EnergyVille I & IIb applied research centers (a collaboration between research institutes KU Leuven, UHasselt, VITO and imec), and IncubatHor. The site offers space for events (Thor Central). The Smart Manufactory Campus NV Thor will be established in the near future. More than 120 employees work there for 1300 trainees per day.

T2 campus is under construction, opening September 2017.

The courses are divided into sectoral clusters:

  • Construction and wood: sustainable building, masonry glue techniques, residential electrical installer, refrigeration technician, burner technician, central heating technician, CAD draftsman, BIM specialist
  • Industry: welder, CNC turner / miller, maintenance mechanic, maintenance electronics, technical operator in production, operator of innovative plastics, process operator, 3D printer, industrial draftsman, car and truck mechanic, body builder, battery specialist, smart grid energy engineer
  • Business Support, Retail and ICT: developer (JAVA, C # .net, PHP), network infrastructure technician, system administrator, IT support staff, Digital Skills lab, Future skills lab

T2-campus offers the offer of 3 centers in Hasselt Genk, with a focus on future-oriented technologies.

Almost 130 employees work there.

Address, country

Interleuvenlaan 2
3001 Heverlee




Goethuysen Wim

Catalogue manager

Goethuysen Wim

Main trainings provided

Construction and wood, Industry, Business Support, Retail and ICT, Services to people and businesses

Sector of execellence


Excellence is…

Excellence is about making connections between innovativation and our students. We make this connections by making a commitment to continually grow and develop as trainers and educators. We work side by side with the best companies in the industry. And we grow together with our student. We organize workshops, seminars, courses to be always informed and skilled about all newest technologies, methods and instruments in nowadays industry.