Competence Centre Forem Logistics Liège

VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence

Description of the training centre


Walloon tools dedicated to innovation, the Competence Centres are places of expertise at the service of training the workers of tomorrow. Thanks to their state-of-the-art infrastructures and their anchoring in centres of economic development, these centres provide training, information and awareness to their audiences (jobseekers, teachers, workers) and contribute to support the competitiveness of enterprises. . In addition to their training role, the Centres also carry out monitoring missions and the development of actions identified by the relays in the field.

The LOGISTICS Competence Centre of Liége and their branches work in collaboration with a number of sectoral partners and social funds.

They are intimately associated with the economic development of Wallonia through strong synergies with the competitiveness clusters – the Transport and Logistics Competitiveness Cluster “Logistics in Wallonia” in particular – and the clusters.

Wallonia does not lack assets – geographical or human – nor advantages in terms of equipment to establish itself as a leading logistics platform on the map of Europe. Because, beyond its strategic location, it has proven its ability to manage a sector today very sophisticated. Long experience in transport, handling and storage has enabled Wallonia to provide a Europe of 460 million consumers with the high-tech response to the distribution of goods in Europe. Determined to produce a conversion based on a sectoral revolution, it is once again looking at the cards for its future.

All the axes developed by the Competence Centres are implemented in accordance with the Quality approach that underlies the training process.

Address, country

Rue Jean de Selys Longchamps, 2
4460 Grâce-Hollogne


Mrs Vanessa Boussart

Catalogue manager

Mrs Vanessa Boussart

Main trainings provided

Logistic employees, Order picker (warehouse), Truck driver, Bus driver, Car maintenance, Truck maintenance, Car body work

Sector of execellence

Transport & Logistics

Excellence is…

Excellence is about making connections between innovativation and our students. We make this connections by making a commitment to continually grow and develop as trainers and educators. We work side by side with the best companies in the industry. And we grow together with our student. We organize workshops, seminars, courses to be always informed and skilled about all newest technologies, methods and instruments in nowadays industry.