Centre de Compétence le Forem Environnement

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Description of the training centre


Le Forem Environnement” is one of the 25 Skills Centers in the region of Wallonia. Each skills center focus on a specific topic/sector. The focus of this centre is environment, energy and waste management, including rational use of energy and renewable energy. 

The centre, located in Mons, was inaugurated in 2005. It has infrastructure with state-of-the art equipment, including the biggest EU workshop place for training on boilers.  

As other Skills Centres, the centre Skills Centre in Mons is a FOREM centre and it aims to: 

  • Stimulate and develop learning innovation 
  • Show technological achievements 
  • Act in favour of the social-economic development in Wallonia (role of partnership) 
  • Develop an identity for the network, with a common image and a national and international impact 

The centre offers the following trainings

  • Environmental management:
    • Introduction to environmental issues (E-learning) 
    • Environmental manager 
    • Soil decontamination 

In progress: Facilitator in circular economy

  • Waste management: 
    • Waste recovery manager 
    • Construction/industrial/hospital/domestic waste 

In progressReclaimer 

  • Tertiary and Industrial Energy advisor 
  • Installation technician in: 
    • Photovoltaic panels 
    • Thermal solar panels 
    • Heat pumps 
    • Biomass boilers 

Certifications provided 

  • Maintenance technician in: 
    • Heating systems ( certification) 
    • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) 
    • Cogeneration systems 
    • Renewable energies 
  • Refrigeration technician (certification) 
  • Controlled mechanical ventilation  
Address, country

Rue Pierre & Marie Curie 1
B – 7000 Mons


+32 65 881020


Delphine Duchateau

Catalogue manager

Delphine Duchateau
+ 32 65 881021
+32 494 508528

Main trainings provided

Environmental and waste management, Tertiary and Industrial Energy advisor, Installation, maintenance, Refrigeration technician, Controlled mechanical ventilation.

Sector of execellence

Environment / energy

Excellence is…

Excellence is about making connections between innovativation and our students. We make this connections by making a commitment to continually grow and develop as trainers and educators. We work side by side with the best companies in the industry. And we grow together with our student. We organize workshops, seminars, courses to be always informed and skilled about all newest technologies, methods and instruments in nowadays industry.