AppInterN Celebrates Success at the European Parliament

AppInterN Celebrates Success at the European Parliament

Brussels, August 24, 2023 – The AppInterN project (Apprenticeship Inter-network: Bringing together VET institutions and enterprises through a Network of Career Hubs) celebrated its Final Event at the European Parliament on July 13. An initiative designed to bolster ties between students, recent graduates, and businesses, AppInterN aims to motivate companies to play an active role in providing apprenticeships for vocational students and fresh graduates.

The event highlighted the remarkable journey of the project, demonstrating the collective efforts poured into strengthening these connections and ensuring a brighter future for apprenticeships, empowering the emerging generation of professionals.

Our Director & Secretary General, Giulia Meschino, opened the event with words of gratitude and discussed the importance of establishing better European cooperations and links, especially in educational training.

The event also showcased discussions from various esteemed speakers, such as Ana Carrero from the European Commission – DG EMPL, who emphasized the vital role of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAN). The Alliance aims to pool together apprenticeship stakeholders and social companies, strengthening apprenticeship quality and image. Their efforts have resulted in over 400 members and 39 national commitments.

Athanasia Theodoridou led the presentation for the AppIntern project, detailing its partners, components, and objectives. The event provided valuable insights into the implementation of the AppInterN platform across Greece, Italy, and Spain. Attendees had the privilege of viewing a video detailing how to navigate the platform from the perspective of both apprentices and employers as well as experiencing the AppInterN Platform during the event thanks to Yannis Papadimitriou from DYPA, Annalisa Ferrari from Unitelma Sapienza, and Paula Zaplana from PIMEC.

A panel discussion highlighted the pressing issues and potential of apprenticeships, with participants such as Sarah Mandis from OBESSU stressing the importance of quality of life during apprenticeships, Vassilis Siomadis from IME GSEVEE emphasizing the alignment of perspectives between students, VET schools, and companies, and Lisa Simons from CSR Europe focusing on the responsibility of companies in promoting opportunities and addressing challenges post-COVID.

AppInterN stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and collective efforts to bridge the gap between education and the professional realm. It promises to be an essential tool in ensuring no one is left behind in an ever-evolving world.

About AppInterN: AppInterN is a collaborative project aimed at bridging the gap between the educational and professional spheres. By fostering closer connections between students, recent graduates, and businesses, AppInterN envisions a more integrated, inclusive, and empowered future for apprenticeships and professional opportunities.