EVTA attends the EAfA High-Level Event

EVTA attends the EAfA High-Level Event

On 26th June, EVTA had the pleasure to attend the EAfA High-Level Event

Celebrating its 10th year anniversary, the EAfA High-Level Event recognised EVTA’s notable contributions to promoting apprenticeships. Alex Lenoir from our member organisation AFPA represented EVTA in the ceremony for the presentation of the pledge.

The event covered different topics around apprenticeships, such as:

  • Quality and effective apprenticeships.
  • Apprenticeships as a means to secure skilled employees.
  • Adult apprenticeships.
  • Apprenticeships as agents for a sustainable future, where Barbara Archesso from ENAIP NET participated as expert.

Continuing the Mission

EVTA’s resolve to foster skill development and advocate for positive change in the apprenticeship field remains unwavering. The event served as pivotal moment that continue to inspire and guide current and future initiatives in the field of vocational training. As we reflect on these engagements, EVTA’s role as a committed advocate for apprenticeships and quality education resonates. This not only highlight the achievements but also pave the way for continuous growth in the European vocational training association landscape.