Teachers’ Upskilling aiming at a holistic inclusivity in learning


TUTOR project aims to create partnerships between teacher education and training providers to set up Teacher Academies developing a European and international outlook on teacher education.

  • To contribute to the improvement of teacher education policies and practices in Europe by creating networks and communities that bring together providers of secondary teacher education and providers of continuing professional development, and other relevant actors (such as ministries) and stakeholders to develop a Train the Trainers approach, focused on inclusivity in learning.
  • To define a forward-looking strategy upskilling strategy for secondary school teachers.
  • To enhance the European dimension and internationalization of teacher education through innovative and practical collaboration and by sharing experiences for the further development of teacher education in Europe.
  • To foster holistic inclusivity in the learning environment, covering all its aspects such as tolerance, non-discrimination, flexibility, etc.
  • To assess current and future skill mismatches in the targeted (teaching) profession.
  • To disseminate widely all project products & maintain them after project closure.
  • Definition of a forward-looking Upskilling Strategy for teachers, delivering a comprehensive research exercise on teachers’ needs.
  • Development of an innovative Joint Curriculum on Inclusivity and 3 Specialization Courses for secondary education teachers, delivering a Joint Curriculum on inclusivity and 3 Specialization courses aiming to upskill and/or reskill teachers.
  • Pilot Delivery of Trainings, providing innovative methodologies of training in face-to-face, online and blended learning.
  • Exploitation and Dissemination Activities, spreading the word of TUTOR in local, nation and EU level.
  1. VET providers particularly the smaller ones (regional or local level) who are going to have access to the state of the art and tailored e-training modules, that they would otherwise not be able to develop
  2. VET teachers and trainers who are going to acquire better digital competences
  3. VET Tutors and career counsellors, who will have access to ready to use software and e-modules in the form of OER4. VET learners who are going to have a better learning experience in an e-environment.