Rethink, Reduce, Reuse – VET LOVES FOOD

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VET LOVES FOOD is a project cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme that strives for awareness-raising about the fight against climate change and food waste in the hostelry and VET centers sector. Addressed to VET students, trainers, staff, and authorities, VETLOVESFOOD encompasses the “rethink, reduce, reuse” mentality. The projects expects to generate a huge impact on VET centers and schools, reinforcing the possibility to replicate the VET LOVES FOOD model and the adopting of VET programs related to food waste prevention. With the engagement of local stakeholders in the challenge of attaining the Sustainable Development Goals, the project will contribute to the improvement of the quality of VET offers in Europe and will generate a real impact on the community.

24 months (28.08.2022 – 27.02.2024)
  • develop green skills in the agro-food curricula within VET paths.
  • Create a performance model so that to transfer successful methodologies and tools for monitoring food waste.
  • Support VET providers and stakeholders in the agro-food sector to pursue food food waste prevention and food management habits.

R1: a VET curriculum in the agri-food sector for the development of green skills oriented to food waste prevention and sustainable food production

R2: Manual for preventing food waste and valorizing traditional recipes and local products

R3: a European HUB for food prevention and food waste management

R4: the VETLOVESFOOD Replication Path


EVTA will participate in all project results, with a more protagonist mission in R3 and R4 (efforts for replication and reaching stakeholders). Given EVTA’s expertise and potential reach, it will be the dissemination leading partner.

Leading Multiplier Event: VET LOVES FOOD Final Conference covering Project Results 1,2,3,4

  1. Spanish Confederation of Vocational and Education Centers (Leader, Spain)
  2. Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional L.D.A. (Portugal)
  3. Holding Hostelería – Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Bilbao (Spain)
  4. ENAIP Veneto Impresa Sociale (Italy)
  5. Business and start-up accelerator (Portugal)
  6. LEARNINGDIGITAL – Digital competence center (Italy)
  7. Association Européenne pour la Formation Professionelle-EVTA (Belgium)

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