Mobility for VET in Europe

➥ Erasmus +
To contribute to the improvement and modernization of VET systems in Western Balkans partner countries: Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo, as well as reinforcing the links between VET and the labour market.
42 months 1/1/2021 – 30/06/2024

SO 1: Cooperative adaptable up-skilling: Dedicated training for VET staff about a) mobility; b) technological enhanced learning; c) intercultural competences; d) work based learning e) VET quality.

SO 2: Modelling: availability of models of “learning mobility management from/to EU” sustainable for each Western Balkan partner.

SO 3: Networking: enhanced networking capacity among VET systems/providers at national and transnational level.

SO 4: Accessibility and inclusion: extended accessibility to training mobility abroad

SO 5: Sustainability: capability of VET providers to manage Erasmus+ mobility programs


EVTA is leader of WP7 on Dissemination and Communication. Main tasks are to design the dissemination strategy, organise online and offline dissemination activities, sharing SMMMs at EU level and organise the final conference in Brussels with the involvement of European Commission Institutions and project partners.

  • ENAIP NET Impresa Sociale Societa Consortile Srl (ENAIP NET I.S)
  • European Association for Vocational Training (EVTA)
  • AKMI S.A
  • Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnutzige GmbH (Wisamar)
  • Fundacion Canonica autonoma Marcelo Gangoiti (Centro San Viator)
  • Odisee vzw
  • Professional College of Tirana (KPT)
  • Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education (AVETAE)
  • Employment Promotion Agency Kosovo (APPK)
  • The Center for employment and education of adults, organising and conducting a psychological professional rehabilitation (ZOPT)
  • Employment Agency of Montenegro (EAM)
  • Vocational secondary School Pljevija (JU SSS PLJEVIJA)

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