#SMEs Go Digital

Empowering SMEs

for the digital transformation


➥ Erasmus +

#SMEsGoDigital project is a dedicated online tool tailored to the SMEs’ requirements for guidance, skills and resources to fuel capitalisation on their digital business models and processes transformation.  This  tool  will  offer  a  one-stop  portal  which  will  combine  a platform with   resources   for   knowledge,   skills   and   competences   to   incrementally develop the SMEs’ digital literacy culture which actually synergises with their practical day-to-day   activities   and   sectorial   roadmaps   with   sequential   feasible   objectives detecting the current state of readiness for the digital transition and a mix of quick-wins as well as sustainable innovations resulting from their digital upskilling.

February 2022 – February 2024

Provide a supportive ecosystem in the form of a Tech hub, a one-stop place for stakeholders providing awareness, orientation and digital competence to guide target groups (micro & SMEs manpower and self-employed) through their digital transformation of their business model.


R1 Design of #SMEsGoDigital tool

R2 Development of #SMEsGoDigital tool

R3 Piloting of the #SMEsGoDigital tool

R4 Sustainability plan


IO4 Sustainability Plan:

  • Sustainability Framework
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Exploitation Plan