Innovative European Career Guidance

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The project would like to build up a new generation of professional European Career Guide able to support people to improve their career journey through learning, skills, reskilling and upskilling, work and transitions – a need more and more important especially in difficult and evolving times. Thanks to an international context and to the background coming from different partners it is possible to increase partners’ staff skills, prepare and equip the professional “European Innovators in Career Guidance”. The project results will be distributed as Open Educational Resource in order to be used by educators in different context and building up a European network of professional career guides.


The activities are focused on 2 levels:

1. Train the career guides – a new professional profile of “European Innovators in Career Guidance” to be trained during meetings, intensive training events and by collaborating in producing project results;

2. Equip the trainers with materials to deal with unemployment, upskilling and reskilling needs for the future job force with tested project results and intensive communication and dissemination plans

The approach guiding the activities are based on a triangle (knowledge – inspiration – action) with tested outcomes, strong innovation and effective implementation processability such as: • Intensive testing of the outcomes by the project partners in a series of peer-learning sessions, via workshops at local level and with the involvement of several stakeholders in an inclusive context; • Research about relevant cases, policies and local features to increase the knowledge of different national contexts; • Creation of a guidance system to face with success the post-COVID19 pandemic’s impact on jobs and the need to drive a transition process in order to increase the employability; • Design an effective training based on a scientific approach dealing with the academic pedagogy in counselling and occupational psychology – the training will be delivered within partners and described in a training module; • Building up a practical digital toolkit for the inclusion in the career guidance thanks to innovative and effective ways to implement a new approach; • Creation of a database of relevant OER including reports, handbook, training module and a digital toolkit about innovation in career guidance; • Availability of materials in 5 different languages (English, Italian, Finnish, Spanish and French); • Creation of a brand-new professional profile of “European Innovators in Career Guidance” recognised under the ECVET and EUROPASS systems.


PR1 will guide the other ones; in effect, it is a report used to define the emerging needs and to provide an overall vision of the policies, system and successful cases across Europe.

PR2 is a handbook, in which thanks to their experience, knowledge and skills the partners will explore ways to work in challenging times and how to support the ongoing transitions and evolutions.

PR3 is a training module dealing with pedagogy and psychology as the scientific approach to innovate career guidance more inclusively – it will contain practical tips to ensure effective implementation.

PR4 is a practical digital toolkit with innovative methodologies, approaches and tools


  • Career guides and counsellors.
  • Educators (VET, secondary and HEI).
  • Coaches.
  • Employment centres.
  • VET providers.
  • Occupational psychologists and consultants.
  • Human resources employees.
  • Training centres.
  • Students.
  • Higher education institutions.
  • Professors and academic providing occupational orientation.
  • Unemployed individuals looking for opportunities to foster their careers elements of innovation.
  • Other stakeholders.


EVTA is the leader of Project Result 1 – REPORT: CAREER GUIDANCE IN EUROPE