Empowering VET Institutions towards Greener Initiatives

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The everGREEN_In Project foresees to facilitate the introduction of innovative practices to support VET communities in becoming agents of change towards sustainable development, through not only adapting the curricula offered but more importantly through incorporating sustainability into their everyday practices and approaches.

The Project aims at contributing to the green transition of the EU VET sector, through the provision of integrated yet flexible tools and approaches that will facilitate change not only at the organisational but at the behavioural level, too. Fully aware of the constantly changing needs and demands of learners, the labour market, and society in general, the partners realise the necessity to develop and adopt new processes and approaches, to build their own capacities, and establish long-lasting cooperation schemes to address common challenges.

30 months (01-03-2022 to 01-09-2024)

– Introduce innovative practices to support VET communities in becoming agents of change towards sustainable development, through the adoption of an institute-wide green approach.

– Build the capacity of VET institutes in adequately adapting their provision to current and future needs of the economy and the society, by developing highly relevant and flexible resources, tools, and methods.

– Develop sustainability competencies of VET staff and leaders and support the green transition of the sector by providing individualised upskilling opportunities.

– Support the development of VET learners’ green skills and employability potential within a competitive and constantly changing labour market.

– Enable behavioural change to more sustainable lifestyles and habits well beyond VET provision, and facilitate the adoption of sustainable mindset within the society.

– Foster transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation in greening VET provision according to current and forthcoming needs of the sector and society in general.

  • The everGREEN_In Framework, including a mapping report on the greening practices currently implemented in EU VET institutes, a set of nine greening scenarios, and then the development of a four-step framework.
  • The everGREEN_In Support Tool, including the development of an upskilling package of 28 mini-courses and the technical development of the support tool that will offer automated, individualised guidance to VET institutes who wish to initiate green transition
  • The everGREEN_In Practice, including the preparation of the Greening Teams (two representatives of each VET partner and one external VET institute per partner country), the elaboration of the Greening Plans for institutions and its pilot implementation.
  • The everGREEN_IN VET Alliance, including the Strategic Blueprint that will describe the role and responsibilities of the Alliance members, highlighting the multiple benefits that each organisation can enjoy through their participation; the Memorandums of Cooperation to be signed by the members of the Alliance, in order to ensure their commitment to the continuous improvement of their greening level.
Elaboration of the Sustainability and Exploitation Plan; collect inputs and conduct interviews in order to provide feedback for the development of the Framework; lead the Project Result 4 –everGREEN_IN VET Alliance.