Across GENerations

➥ Erasmus +

A-GEN’s aim is to build a bridge between generations X, Y and Z and enable smooth communication, mutual inspiration and experience exchange. The project seeks to move the across-generations dialogue from the sociological and political level to the practical level of work teams cooperation. Cooperation across generations on the job is the driving force behind the labour market development. We will contribute to a positive perception of diversity across generations and its use in work teams.



24 months (01-10-2022 to 30-09-2024)

The main result of the methodology Across GENerations is the xLearning platform – the online learning tool containing many digital didactic methods – MOOC, short videos, etc.

EVTA is the leader of WP5, including the development of the dissemination strategy, monitoring of the dissemination activities, the social media pages set up, the elaboration of the sustainability plan, and the organization of one national conference in Brussels in 2024 and one World Café in Spring 2023.