Smart Training Education Platform (STEP 3) – 30 Training Modules

➥ Erasmus + Call 2020 Round 1 KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practicesKA226 – Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness


Create the necessary knowledge repository with e-learning modules, methodologies and training techniques, available to all, especially regional, local and smaller VET providers, who do not have the opportunity to adapt to the new e-learning environment.

  1. Reinforce the ability of VET providers to provide high quality, inclusive digital education
  2. Provide new upskilling Open Educational Resources (OER) for VET Teachers, Trainers
  3. Building capacity to VET providers to implement online, blended and distance teaching and learning
  4. Develop high quality digital content, promoting innovative methods and tools for e-teaching and e-learning for teachers and trainers
  5. Promote and deliver networking opportunities among VET providers
  6. Development of tailor made solutions that can be adapted at a Regional/Local level
  1. Better understanding of the actual needs of VET Teachers and Trainers
  2. Easier access to training modules for the upskilling of the digital skills and competences of Teachers and Trainers
  3. Better quality of learning content, complying the design of the OER with DigiComp, the EU Framework for Digital Competences
  4. Increase of the learning experience for the VET learners, who are going to enjoy a better e-learning environment and better training solutions / techniques that will help them to be more competent in their professional life
  5. Increase of the accessibility to the OER through the large networking potentials emerging from the collaboration between EVBB and EVTA
  1. VET providers particularly the smaller ones (regional or local level) who are going to have access to the state of the art and tailored e-training modules, that they would otherwise not be able to develop
  2. VET teachers and trainers who are going to acquire better digital competences
  3. VET Tutors and career counsellors, who will have access to ready to use software and e-modules in the form of OER4. VET learners who are going to have a better learning experience in an e-environment