Development of quality assurance mechanisms in VET e-learning environments

➥ Erasmus + Call 2020 Round 1 KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practicesKA226 – Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness


Design, testing and integrating Quality Assurance (QA) methods and tools that consistently enhance the quality of e-learning in the VET environment, in various combinations of technology-supported Trainings.
  1. Propose a process-oriented lifecycle model for ensuring quality in e-learning development and delivery. As a dynamic and iterative process, QA is intertwined with the e-learning development process.
  2. The development of a QA Certification that is going to ensure that specific quality criteria are being applied in the design or delivery of e-learning solutions.
  3. The delivery of Training Material for VET Professionals supporting the adaptation of the QA Framework in their operation and the application of the QA mechanism during the design and delivery of e-learning courses within the VET Providers.
  1. Certification of Quality for VET e-learning programs is going to be introduced
  2. Fifteen (15) e-learning Courses are going to be subject of QA, using the new Framework
  3. Fifteen (15) VET e-learning course Quality Certificates are going to be awarded
  4. Five (5) e-tools related to the adaptation of the QA Framework in the VET system are going to be developed and made available for download or accessed online
  5. Consultation with representative stakeholders, taking the form of an Expert Panel is going to be organized (to review and finalize the QA Model
  6. Training material (8 modules) for VET Professionals, including VET Teachers, upskilling them in regards to QA in the design and delivery of VET e-learning courses, is going to be made available on-line in the form of OER
  1. VET providers who wish to design and deliver e-learning programs / curricula, assuring the quality of the delivered Trainings
  2. VET Leaders who are going to receive QA certification for their e-learning programs / curricula
  3. VET teachers who are going to deliver better online teachings, with training solutions that are in compliance to the new VET e-larning QA Framework
  4. VET learners, who are going to participate in better Vocational e-learning programs, resulting to their upskilling and to better employment opportunities in the post-covid labor market

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