GREEN IT for VET providers

➥ Erasmus + Call 2021 Round 1 KA2 KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training


The GIVE project aims to reduce the environmental impacts of digital learning by supporting green digital skills for VET providers. The goal of the project is to study the environmental impact of digital learning and define the life cycle of a digital training course. It also is to create 2 digital training courses for VET providers on how to reduce their digital impact.

24 months

– Implement the 1st study ever made about the VET industry professional practices regarding digital learning development and implementation in order to define: a) The life cycle of a digital training course b) the environmental impact of the professional practices o Environmental impact of the pedagogical practices

– Develop green skills of the VET providers with the creation of a whitepaper about Green IT for the VET industry & the development of a digital training on how to create digital training taking into consideration its environmental impact

– Increase VET sectors’ awareness of the environmental impacts of this massive digitisation and the importance to support teachers and trainers with good practices and green digital skills

Tangible results:
  1. The first comprehensive study amongst the EU VET industry about the environmental impact of digital learning.
  2. The Training programme of a digital training in three languages (English,French and Portuguese)
  3. The first whitepaper about the environmental impact of digital learning in three languages (English, French and Portuguese),
  4. One-pagers (infographics) including the most important data and key topics of the study in three languages (English, French and Portuguese).
  5. Digital training about the environmental impact of VET providers professional and pedagogical practices in three languages (English, French and Portuguese)
  6. Development of the testing phase evaluation phase methodology and materials.
  7. Comprehensive evaluation report including all the testing phase results.
Intangible results:
  1. Increasing the digital green skills of teachers and trainers
  2. Increasing VET industry awareness of the environmental impact of digitisation
  3. Instilling Green IT good practices into VET industry
  1. VET providers:Teachers and trainers (schools, universities, apprentices’ schools, training organization …)
  2. Learners: Students, apprentices, job seekers, trainees, etc.
  3. Digital learning providers: digital contents publishers, technological solution designers (apps, learning management systems…)
  4. Other VET industry stakeholders: Professional hubs, Public bodies, training financing organizations, etc.
EVTA is the leader of WP5 and WP6, and IO3