Invest in Education to Succeed in Business

➥ ERASMUS+ – ENTRNET aspires to empower the networking among adult education providers and to enhance their skills in the field of Entrepreneurship


ENTRNET’s specific objective is to foster the European co-operation among different adult providers and relevant stakeholders in specific themes related to adult learning, such as entrepreneurship. The project seeks to mainstream entrepreneurship across Europe by establishing a platform attractive for a wide range of actors and stakeholders.

In this way, ENTRENET aspires to develop a new pathway for enhancing collaboration at National and European level in order to support adult education providers to improve their capacity to provide to all young adults with an emphasis in disadvantaged and difficult-to-engage groups, inactive and the unemployed youngsters, high quality entrepreneurial adult education, and entrepreneurial mind-set and skills.

Moreover, a plan of activities will be implemented to contribute to the creation of a learning pathway built on the basis of the needs of individuals and organizations coming from different national contexts, with the objective of creating more learning or upskilling opportunities for the target group needs.

Last but not least, ENTRNET aims to transfer the field/level of entrepreneurial adult learning into the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp); the framework that, according to EU Commission, offers a comprehensive description of entrepreneurial competences, defined as: The capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas, and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural or social.

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