Giorgio Sbrissa is the new president of Forma Veneto

Giorgio Sbrissa, President of EVTA, has been appointed the new President of Forma Veneto, the regional-level association gathering VET providers in Veneto, Italy. The activities organized by Forma Veneto members involve more than 20000 students and 90 VET schools.

Giorgio Sbrissa, in his opening remarks as President, has stressed the need to invest in sustainable solutions for the future, in order to build the foundation for a robust and green growth. “It will be necessary – said Sbrissa – to strengthen the VET system while supporting the employment and life-long learning”.

The region Veneto system in VET is recognised as one of the most excellent models at the national and European level. One of its main strengths is the strong connection between the VET providers and business in the territory, which results in a high job placement rate.

If you want to read the full press release (in Italian), you can find it here.