The impact of Covid-19 on education in Africa

The crisis ignited by the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly brought to the attention the importance of a resilient and adaptive education system, which should be able to harness modern and technological tools to overcome unpredictable and severe difficulties when these occur.

The recent report “The Effect of Covid-19 on Education in Africa and its Implications for the Use of Technology”, produced by eLearning Africa and the EdTech Hub, seeks to investigate the perception on the response to the crisis among more than 1600 African education and technology practitioners, experts, policymakers, administrators and investors.

The survey shows that the vast majority of respondents (92%) agrees on the necessity to close schools, but at the same time holds that national curricula should be adapted in response to the current crisis. In this context, technology will prove to be an essential tool to sustain effective learning for students; nevertheless, 85% of respondents expressed their concern about the risks connected to the widespread use of digital tools, such as the lack of availability and affordability of connectivity, which may pose a significant challenge for the most marginalised as well as increasing inequality.

You can find the full report at this link: