The Speakers of EVTA in the #EUVocationalSkills week!

EVTA has a very active participation in this year’s European Vocational Skills Week. Team members of the EVTA board and EVTA secretariat as well as associates from our member organisations have participated and will participate in events of the European Vocational Skills Week as key presenters.

Barbara Archesso, Life Foster

Barbara Archesso is project manager of international projects on green skills and the circular economy for ENAIP NET – a consortium of leading VET providers in Italy and founding member of the European Vocational Training Association. Her career as an international project developer and manager started in 1996. Since then, she has worked on initiatives on employability, gender equality, climate change and sustainability. More recently, she has focused her attention on green skills and the circular economy – particularly in the food value chain. She also has long experience in young adult learning gained in vocational training contexts. Her educational background includes a bachelor degree in foreign languages and literatures and a specialisation course in marketing and communication of cultural products.

Barbara Archesso takes part in the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) session.

Andrea Giacomelli, Research and development director, ENAIP FVG, ENAIP NET, Italy

Andrea Giacomelli is research and development director at ENAIP FVG and an expert within the EVTA network. A PhD graduate in adult training science, with domain expertise on active ageing purposes, he has been working in the VET sector for more than two decades, acquiring wide experience in managing relevant institutions and international projects to foster and improve vocational training systems across Europe. Today he is involved in promoting European mobility to enhance the global skills of people, striving to make vocational training provision more excellent and inclusive for all.

Andrea Giacomelli takes part in The spider VET in the Net: WBL for the future session.

Giulia Meschino, Executive and development manager, European Vocational Training Association (EVTA)

Giulia Meschino has worked for EVTA since 2013, and is mainly responsible for the development of the organisation and the coordination of all network activities. During this time at EVTA, she has gained an in-depth knowledge of European policies on vocational training and education and developed competences in managing European funds. She also has good knowledge of stakeholders and actors working in the world of VET and outside, and harnesses them for the organisation of dissemination strategy and activities. She graduated from the University of Bologna with a master’s in international relations and diplomatic affairs and has had specific training on European funding programmes and project cycle management. She was recently awarded an executive master in management of international organisations from the Solvay Business School in Brussels.

Giulia Meschino takes part in the following two sessions:
Session 1: Inclusive Excellence
The spider VET in the Net: WBL for the future

Anne Tangy, Freelance consultant, certification systems and the validation of competence, France

Having spent her career devoted to vocational training and more particularly to qualifications, Anne Tangy was until recently in charge of the certification department at AFPA, the French agency for vocational training and member of EVTA. Working closely with the French Ministry of Labour, she worked on several national programmes to develop the validation of competences for jobseekers, aiming at shorter and simpler pathways and offering complementary training and support opportunities based on local jobs needs. She contributed to a French national commission whose brief was to benchmark national vocational standards with the objective of a shared and common language for competence-based qualifications. As part of the French reform of VET, she also contributed to inter-ministerial workshops on the merging and harmonisation of the professional advisory bodies that regulate the creation of national vocational qualifications. Currently, she is a freelance consultant on certification systems and the validation of competences. A strong European believer, she is also a board member of EVTA, the European Vocational Training Association.

Anne Tangy takes part in the Validation of non-formal and informal learning session.

Monica Verzola, Development Business Director International Area, ENAIP NET, Italy; European Vocational Skills Week National Contact Point

Monica Verzola is the development business director in the international department of ENAIP NET, an Italian consortium bringing together nearly 90 training centres, globally delivering vocational training to more than 40,000 beneficiaries every year. She is also a board member of the European Vocational Training Association, with responsibility for network development. She is involved in the VET4EU2 platform that gathers the four EU networks representing vocational education and training and the two EU networks representing higher education. As one of the experts in this platform, she takes part in the expert group of the EU Associations of VET providers. She has been working in the field of VET for more than 20 years, as an expert in lifelong learning and vocational guidance, and manages several projects concerning job and employment services. She has experience in research and validation of skills, social inclusion, assessment and employability analysis of the labour market.

Monica Verzola takes part in the VET Excellence Award Nominees Celebration and Closing Ceremony.

Vassilis Siomadis, IME-GSEVEE

He is currently the head of the branch in central Macedonia for the IME-GSEVEE, the Small Enterprises Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals Craftsmen & Merchants. He has an in depth knowledge of vocational education and training in the SME’s sector and recently served as an advisor to the Greek Ministry of Labour. He is a coopted member in the EVTA board of administrators.


Vassilis Siomadis takes part in The spider VET in the Net: WBL for the future session.

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