GO+LEARN animators workshop

The European Vocational Training Association is happy to be organising the GO+LEARN animators workshop this Thursday the 29th of October 2020. This online workshop, which will be an illustration/training on the GO+LEARN initiative, is being organised in the framework of the VENHANS Project.

A few words on the GO+LEARN initiative:
The role of the SMEs as training “agents” cooperating with the VET providers is nowadays recognised by all actors of the education and VET system. The GO+LEARN initiative is trying to set up and foster a very innovative, simple and effective way to involve companies in VET training activities, including mobility. Thanks to a structured format of training and guidance seminars to be carried out in the companies’ premises and held by the companies’ professionals, this purpose is very easily reached. 

The main goal of the workshop will be to disseminate and foster the adhesion and use of the services provided by the existing GO+LEARN network. For this purpose, the GO+EUROPE group of animators will be provided with an overview of the GO+LEARN initiative, including the rational and aims, the network and the services, while they will also have the opportunity to discuss how to evolve the initiative and ensure its sustainability event after the end of the VENHANS project funding period.

We are very delighted to announce that EVTA will be involved in the European Vocational Skills Week with this event and are happy to confirm that our registration has been approved and the GO+LEARN animators meeting is officially part of the Week .