VET Social Utility – The AFPA experience: another success story

The experience of AFPA (Agence nationale pour la formation professionnelle des adultes), one of the founding members of EVTA – European Vocational Training Association, with social utility has been recognised as a success story by the European Vocational Skills Week 2020!

AFPA has always paid close attention to the concept of social utility, enough to be the first organisation to develop a model to analyse such a field but coming together with other VET organisations, including EVTA and ENAIP NET they carried out important work through the SOLITY project and identified indicators that further enriched the existing national model.

The aim of the “SOLITY – VET Social Utility Monitor” project was to set up a solid, shared and transferable model to measure VET social utility, based on a specific pool of qualitative and quantitative indicators and help other VET providers to self-assess their social impact, quality and performance.

Trying to assess VET social utility is not only a way to measure direct and visible impact or to evaluate whether the funding that public or private bodies put into VET is well spent, but also a way to educate society to see the individual and social value of Vocational Educational and Training, which is on the contrary often perceived as a second choice.

To learn more, read theirs and other success stories by organisations and individuals and be inspired by how VET can influence lives and communities.

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