Erasmus+: Second Amendment – 2020 annual work programme


The annual work programme for Erasmus+ 2020 was adopted by the Commission on 7 August 2019 and was amended for the first time, on the 3 March 2020. In response to the COVID-19 crisis though, the European Commission has adopted a 2nd revision of 2020 Erasmus+ annual work programme, which will allow for:

    • strengthening the financial support to certain priority actions,
    • introducing minor changes and updates to the text and,
    • introducing other budgetary and technical changes

The Erasmus+ programme, will be significantly mobilised to contribute to the recovery and promote digital learning across Europe. An additional €200m funding will help boost digital education and training and promote skills development and inclusion, through creativity & the arts in response to the crisis we are currently facing.

The new calls will provide more opportunities to learn, teach and share in the digital era, and create new ways of teaching and learning across the Member States.

For more, read the revised Erasmus+ annual work programme 2020 here!