REC Professional skills’ development for recognition and validation of informal and non- formal competences learning of migrants and refugees & labour market inclusion

START: 1/11/2018

DURATION: 30 months 

Erasmus + KA2 – Strategic Partnership in the field of Education, Training and Youth – Cooperation for the innovation

REC focuses on the labor market inclusion of migrants and refugees by trying to find common standards that are coherent with EU and national/local level requirements. Especially for migrants and refugees, the early identification and validation of skills acquired in informal or non-formal contexts, helps them enter VET or labor market opportunities with visible and validated experience, talent and competences. 


To reinforce the partners’ capability to recognise and equip the most vulnerable groups with the key skills for improving the supply and quality of VET and guidance as a basis of integration into the labour market and qualifications of migrants/refugees. This general objective can be further broken down into three specific objectives that REC aims at achieving through the transnational cooperation in the project: 

1.To enhance and create transnational standardised professional competence of participating practitioners and stakeholders of VET in line with EU standards 

2. to share and improve tools and practice that can make non-formal and informal skills of migrants and refugees visible and comparable and support their fast integration into labour market and further VET opportunities, also work-based 

3. To mainstream the tools / standards/ requirements of REC into local/regional systems and practice by reaching VET providers and stakeholders, including those responsible for qualifications and employers


Project leader: 

Other partners:

  • European Vocational Training Association (EVTA) 
  • bildungsmarkt e.v.
  • Fédération des Centres d’Insertion
  • CIEP Hainaut Centre 
  • AFPA