ETTE – European Trainers’ Training for Excellence

ETTE – European Trainers’ Training for Excellence


ETTE – European Trainers’ Training for Excellence

START: 1/09/2018

DURATION: 24 Months 

ERASMUS+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership for the Exchange of Good Practices 

The project “European Trainers’ Training for Excellence” intends to build up on the achievements of its initiative VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence achievements, going deeper to reach VET trainers and staff to increase quality and innovati on in VET based on the propagation of the VCEs model and the VET quality and excellence principles ali over Europe. To achieve this ultimate goal, the project will pursue the following specific objectives:

  1. Promoting the continuous professional development of people working in VET through the participation to piloting training aimed to discover the VCEs and to test the efficiency and the quality of their training circuits; 
  2. Promoting the exchange of good practices between partners to exploit synergies and foster transnational partnerships;
  3. Consolidating and enlarging the VCEs network including new organisations, training centres and circuits.

By sharing good practices and testing training circuits, the partners intend to provide an innovative instrument whose quality is built upon standards commonly agreed and verified experts working on the field. The ETTE project clearly privileges a bottom-up approach in the propagation of excellence.


Project leader:

Core partners:

  • AFPA
  • Technifutur
  • Endurance
  • EVBB