SOLITY – VET Social Utility Monitor

SOLITY – VET Social Utility Monitor

SOLITY – VET SOcial utiLITY Monitor

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The aim of the project is to set up a solid, shared and transferable model to measure VET social utility, based on a specific pool of qualitative and quantitative indicators. The definition of these indicators will be based upon what is already in place in the field of quality systems for VET, both at transnational (EQAVET, ISO) and national (Accreditation systems, AFPA model) level.

Starting from this vast and heterogeneous basis, and by following a strong and large cooperative approach, the project’s aim is to get to the definition and testing of a common, feasible and effective model that can measure the social utility of a VET provider.

The potential impact of the project’s outcome perfectly fits with the EU priorities (“making VET a first Choice” as declared in the 2016 New Skills Agenda for Europe) and could be highly relevant both at local and European level as it could contribute to:

a) raise the quality of European VET, by allowing a system of benchmarking;

b) identify more easily the cause of low performance (especially in a situation of equality, i.e. with the same/similar factors in place) and, if necessary, put into place incentives or policy measures to correct the situation;

c) ensure VET customers (citizens but also enterprises) the transparency to choose the best performing VET centres for their education and training.